Monday, September 30, 2019

Raising Meat Chickens

      Many years ago, I got 10 Cornish Cross meat chickens to try and raise a little meat for my family. It was May and they were cute and cuddly and were fun to watch as they snapped up bugs and gorged on clover blossoms. As butchering time approached and they became big, clumsy beasts, it was July. They were not fairing well in the heat. They panted and waddled over to their water and then stretched back out in the shade. Occasionally one would be dead for no apparent reason, though I suspected the heat was playing a role.
      I decided I wasn't doing that again! Losing a six pound bird is expensive, not to mention the animals didn't seem too happy in the heat. Who could blame them?

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Why We Started Maid-N-Meadows

           I have been sharing some of our journey in the cheese business, but I thought today I should share some of the personal reasons of why we actually started this journey to begin with. What really pushed us forward was a time of crisis in our family and marriage....this business, was actually born out of a serendipitous opportunity in a time of insane uncertainty. While our friends were supportive, there was no getting around that given the stress we were relating to, this was a rather risky time to invest in such a huge undertaking.
Early label design!

           Looking back though, I think the business was a beacon of hope. It was something that we could build together, even though at that moment  we had forgotten how to work together. The efforts we have undertaken to make our family stronger were and are valiant ones. But this business is still in the early stages and the hours are rough. I still look back in wonder at how far we have come, but I still wonder about the path forward!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Sitting Out: A Day On The Farm

          "Normal life" is starting to materialize on the farm! We have a huge backlog of bills, repairs, maintenance, and gardening work to keep us busy, but we can feel some hope of achievement, at least. Calves are being born, milk is in the tank, and cheese is getting made....all within a mile of one another. We don't miss the three hour trip to the old facility one bit! We even have a little time to stop and smell the ironweed and goldenrod!